What Are Your Roles and Responsibilities on the Moving Day as You Relocate?

Have you fixed your moving dates for relocation? So, is it a home relocation, office relocation, business relocation, or two-wheeler relocation? Whichever mode of relocation you choose, make sure you decide on the moving day way ahead of time. Deciding the day of the move affects your moving charges. So, make sure that you make a prudent decision and carry out your roles and responsibilities on a moving day with efficiency. But what are your roles and responsibilities on a moving day as you relocate? Well, this article will let you know about the same.

As you plan to relocate, be sure that you choose the right moving company. Stay away from the fraudulent packers and movers by verifying their credentials. But that is not where your responsibility ends. You cannot sit back and watch the movers and packers do whatever they feel like on the day of the move. You have to take personal initiative on the day of the move to let your relocation take place in an organised manner. So, here is a gentle reminder of your roles and responsibilities on a moving day as you relocate:

Your Presence is necessary

No one will understand your needs and preferences more than you. So, you should be present in your house, office, or the site of relocation when it is taking place. Since relocation is an elaborate activity, you should be planning it way ahead of time. If you are unable to be present on that day, assign someone trustworthy who can take care of the relocation on your behalf. Also, keep your phone charged and with yourself all the time so that the packers and movers can contact you whenever required.

Instruct them about parking

There are a lot of preparations that you need to do on your part before the day of the move. This is one of the criteria that you should fulfil before the commencement of the movers and packers at your place on the day of the move. You should contact the RWA (resident’s welfare association) of your society and enquire about the protocols on parking. You should inform them about the date of your move and reserve a parking spot in the allotted parking area. On the day of the move, you should be present in the parking area to instruct the driver to park the moving vehicle in the right way in the right place.

Keep the path clear

On a moving day, you should be there to guide the driver of the moving vehicle to park in an appropriate manner. But before that, you should make sure that the driveway is clear of clutter. If there has been a storm last night, check that there is no tree that got uprooted and fell on the way. If children are playing around or the stray animals taking shelter on the way to the parking area, please ensure that they steer clear of the area at that particular time.

Another common problem that we face in India is that any two-wheeler vehicles are parked by anonymous owners in whichever empty place they find. Make sure that there are no two-wheelers parked in the reserved spot for your moving vehicle.

Show them around the house

As soon as the packers and movers arrive on the day of the move, you should welcome them and consider showing them around the house. Show them the number of rooms and the pieces of furniture that are bulkier and heavier than the rest of them. Also, show them the bathrooms and wash basin so that they can wash their hands and use the loo whenever necessary. Provide them with tissue papers and a trash bin for the needful.

If you have stocked up some items that are antique, fragile, or sensitive that you don’t want the moving team to handle, keep them separate in a room. Show this room to the movers and packers and clearly instruct them not to enter this room for packing anything inside.

Provide hospitality

When the packers and movers in Hyderabad arrive at your place, treat them with warmth and be a kind host. Give them enough water bottles to drink water and offer them tea or coffee along with light snacks as refreshments in between the packing tasks. During lunchtime, you should give them some extra money to buy lunch.

If it is summertime, make sure that the fans are on and if the temperatures are sweltering outside, turn on the AC. If it is winter and you stay in a city at a higher altitude or in an inland city, you should turn on the room heaters to help them pack your belongings with comfort.

Make arrangements for the kids and pets

If you have kids or pets, you should pay special attention to them on the day of the move by planning things out for them in advance. For the kids, keep them in an isolated room away from all the hustle and bustle. Give them art supplies, story books, board games, LEGO toys, etc. Provide them with healthy snacks and juices in between to keep them full throughout the day.

Keep your pets with a friend who will be willing to foster your pet for the moving day. Otherwise, arrange for a pet-care in advance. If nothing works, keep them in a separate room or a kennel with their favourite toys and feeding bowls. Fill the water bowl and the food bowl at regular intervals to keep them pacified throughout the day.

Be there to help

The movers and packers are trained to carry out the relocation needs with precision. You don’t need to help them in packing, loading, or moving your goods from one place to another. But if your moving team needs to ask you something for your approval or instruction, be there. Also, make sure that the packers and movers have your phone number so that they can call you even if you go out to get things from the local market. Provide your updated address and the road directions to reach your new place without getting lost.

The Final Opinion

If you carry out your roles and responsibilities on a moving day, the entire relocation will be a lot more organised and efficient. Some of the other trivial yet important things that you should pay heed to are to verify that the packed boxes are marked. And ask the driver of the moving vehicle to keep you updated about the position of the truck on the move after every 6-8 hours in case of an intercity move. As the goods get delivered on the doorstep of your new place, be present to instruct the moving team about which box belongs to which room.

I hope you got a clear insight about your roles and responsibilities on the moving day as you relocate. I wish you a responsible move!

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